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Do you commute to work alone each day?  Are you a student?  Today I would like to introduce you to your new traveling companion, the Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter.  The Airwheel self-balancing scooter is a groundbreaking way to commute.  It adopts aerospace attitude controls, fuzzy logic software and a gyroscope system designed to maintain balance while leaning forward and backwards for propulsion.  The Airwheel scooter is completely powered by electricity with its enclosed lithium ion battery pack and is waterproof.  No need to worry about weather.

It plays the integral role of Green Guardian Angel.  The on-board Sony lithium ion power pack consumes only one kilowatt of power per 60 miles traveled which has been regarded as non-polluting with a low carbon footprint and can be fully recharged in less than two hours so remember to take your charger with you, it only weighs about a pound.

Today we have witnessed groundbreaking development through new innovative technology.  In order to save our planet for future generations, we must take action today to protect the Big Blue Marble.

Travel Smart,  Travel Green! 

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Products which will reduce our carbon footprint, are recyclable and cost effective. We are an American company, built to provide you, our customers with unique, Eco-friendly and Economically viable offerings from our domestic and international partners. Find exciting innovations in  alternative transportation.  Electric Personal Vehicles which have been openly welcomed in many parts of the world and demonstrate that sustainable transportation is not science fiction but science fact.  We will allow you to save your hard earned dollars while doing your part to save the "Big Blue Marble".

              Keep an eye on the future and visit often.  The age of innovation has just begun. 

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The SJ4000 is a great action cam which rivals the GoPro .It was tested at the zoo , at the park ,city and in slow motion too! 

A new generation of action cam. It comes equipped with a waterproof case, good to 100 feet. Includes case bracket, case clip, bike bracket, multi-function clip, helmet mount, camera clip, body straps, bracket adapter, USB cable and power adapter. 

It can record by motion activation , auto start/stop recording and weighs less than 2.5 oz. The WiFi model can be operated with a downloadable iSmart free in both Android and IOS formats.It record in 1080P HD video at 170 degree wide angle and 12 megapixel still shots.

All cameras include a free 32gb micro SD card.  Pick yours up TODAY at our online EcoStore where everything is 25% off MSRP.

Xtreme ActionCam