Alternative Transportation

Innovations In Sports Transportation

From electric self balancing unicycles to  golf chariots we have a full line of unique electric personal vehicles to suit your needs. 

Adventure seekers can take the road less traveled, Security patrols protect your property with less fatigue and faster response times, At work, these maneuverable gas free low maintenance electric vehicles are the sensible solution to increased productivity.

Renew your energy for commuting, running errands and exploring outdoors.

It's Time to Free Yourself from the Tyranny of Walking !

The Groundbreaking Way to Commute

From that run to the coffee shop to that ride to your next class ,choose     the next great innovation in personal alternative transportation. 

From Asia to Europe and Australia this trend has caught fire and is now available here. Who's using them?  Busy executives for that short commute from the train to their office, young mothers to push that carriage or stroller from home to the park, college students to commute from dorm to class and from class to class, elder statesmen to get to their final destinations, even extreme athletes who are finding new ways to test their metal.

What do you do once you get where your going?  Just pick it up and carry it with you.  On the train, subway or bus, it takes up no more room than a large handbag or a briefcase. This is the groundbreaking way to travel.

If you were born to ride join us on our trip into the future.

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